Youth Teacher Assistants (TAs) will meet every Saturday from the hours of 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. for the school year from September through June.  Responsibility of TAs include working with the teacher to help guide and care for students in their assigned classes, taking attendance, recording and grading homework and exams, and making copies.  In addition, TAs will help setup and breakdown of classroom structures as well as monitor hall activities during break times.  All TAs will also be responsible for assisting in after-school activities such as the Halloween party, the Chinese New Year celebrations and other school events.  These after-school events will require a commitment of a minimum of 2 hours in addition to their required 3 hour TA assignment. 

Please contact the Principal if you interested in a position.

Active TA members:

  • Catherine Hom 
  • Courtney Lee 
  • Maxwell Lee 
  • Samantha Lee 
  • Jenna Sigman 
  • Ethan Fong 
  • Belinda Ein 
  • Kayli Hung 
  • Katie Joa 
  • Casey Lee 
  • Naia Ng