Tennis Club

The CCCNJ Tennis season is starting in November and ending either April or May.  It will be the first Saturday of each month except for March due to the CCCNJ Chinese New Year Dinner.  The Tennis Club uses Waldwick Covered Courts.

Nov 3
Dec 1
Jan 5
Feb 2, 2019 (Chinese New Year is on Feb. 5, 2019)
Mar 9
Apr 6
May 11, 2019 (tentative Mother's Day Weekend).

Looking forward to another great season.

Dear Tennis Players,


Welcome back to another year of Tennis!  For those of you who participated in the last season’s CCCNJ Tennis Nights, we hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the evenings as much as we did!

Our first tennis night for this season will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018.  The time and location are as follows:


Waldwick Covered Tennis Court

155 Hopper Avenue, NJ

7:00 pm till midnight


The fee will be $23 for CCCNJ member and $26 for non-member.  $13 for players Age 13 -16.

In order to ensure your time slot, please RSVP to ASAP and no later than Monday, October 29th.  Time slots will be based on the time of sign-up and the frequency of participation. We will try our best to accommodate your requests.  If you wish to start at a specific hour, please indicate as such and RSVP as soon as possible.  Space is limited.


We will try our best to match players of similar level.  Please understand that this arrangement is challenging.  If your play level has been changed since last season, kindly inform us.


Do you Zelle?  Please check this link for more information.  

We instituted this court fee payment option last year and it was a huge success.  Players who pay in advance assist us greatly since we are extremely busy at the onset of each tennis night.  Once you receive the play time confirmation from Quentin/Teresa, you may prepay the court fee by using “Zelle”.  Just send the payment to  CCCNJTENNIS@GMAIL.COM   through “Zelle.  After you send the payment, the confirmation from Zelle may say, “Payment was sent to KING HUNG CHU”, which is correct. That is the person, Ricky, who collects the fee at the door each tennis night. We will continue to offer this payment option, and may add “Venmo” as another option later this season.

PLEASE assist us by sending your court fee for the 11/3/18 tennis night to CCCNJTENNIS@GMAIL.COM via “Zelle”.

Cancellation Fee: This is instituted as an effort to respect other scheduled court players and to avoid scheduling disruptions.  Cancellations must be made 50 hours prior to tennis night.  We must be notified by Thursday 5PM of any cancellations; otherwise you will incur a $10/adult, $5/child, tennis night cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are required to be paid before the next reservation. Please do NOT bring or send a substitute without confirmation from Quentin or Teresa. People on the waiting list are a priority.  Sending a substitute does NOT void a cancellation fee.


Late Policy:  Members who are consistently late for their scheduled time of play will not be scheduled for the 7:00 time slot.


In addition, tentative dates for the season are listed below.  Please mark your calendar.







05/11/2018 (tentative)  


Looking forward to seeing you all on the tennis courts.  Happy Tennis!


Teresa Chan and Quentin Huie