Extra Curricular Classes

The CCCNJ Chinese Language School offers extra curricular classes and after school activities.  Adults (for some of these classes) and kids outside of the school as well as current students are welcome to attend.  We offer Mandarin, Cantonese Conversation, cultural dance, kung fu martial arts, and various cooking and craft classes at various times throughout the school year.

Chinese Mandarin
CCCNJ offers a Chinese Mandarin class for kids and adults who are interested in learning primarily for conversation.  We have a wonderful teacher who will work with the students on basic conversation or at a higher level.  Currently, classes for Adult Beginner are being offered 9:30am-10:20am and for Youth (17 and under) Beginner from 10:40am-11:50am.  The cost is $180 per semester.  The program is designed for small groups with an emphasis on conversation.  This is a great program if you want to brush up on your skills or for high school students who want some tutoring help.

Chinese Cantonese Conversation
CCCNJ is now opening the conversational Cantonese portion of the 6th grade class for returning graduates or past students of the school who are interested in practicing their conversational skills.  This is based on interest by returning graduates.  This portion of the class is from 10:45am-12pm and the cost is $180 a semester.  Also note that former school students who did not graduate are welcome to complete the 6th grade curriculum which is unique with an emphasis on history and culture for the 1st half of the class followed by the conversation portion for the 2nd half.

Chinese Cultural Dance Class (Next session begins 10/7/17)
The Chinese cultural dance class is open to all kids ages 5 and up interested in dance and dance performance.
The kids will perform in our Chinese New Year's celebration events at the school and at the Club function.
These are big events in our organization and the kids have done amazing jobs in the past with a fan dance, ribbon dance and lantern dance.  The cost is $180 for 12 classes.  Please click the following for more information on our instructor and a schedule of classes (updated 8/21/17): DANCE

Chinese Martial Arts - Kung Fu / Tai Chi (Cancelled at this time)
Our school is fortunate enough have two Sifus from the Yi Jing Mn school of martial arts come share their skills with us.  (Flyer)  These two instructors will show you traditional forms of kung fu.  We have classes open to adults and kids ages 5 and up after school.  Tai Chi for the adults will provide great health benefits.  Kung fu for the kids is great for learning and improving focus, physical coordination, concentration, self confidence and respect.  Please click the following for more information on our instructors and a schedule of classes (updated 6/19/17): MARTIAL ARTS

Please contact us at cccnj888@gmail.com, if you have any questions.