Options Group

Using the Options market to improve financial literacy. Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to make effective and informed money management decisions.
Our goal is to discuss how to take risk with the odds on our side.
We will learn how to trade, gain market awareness and discuss actionable trades.
Experience has taught us that letting others manage your money is not the best way, PAM is.
PAM = Personal Active Management

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Vertical Setup

A primary advantage of using vertical spreads in a tastybite account is that buying power can be preserved because it is a defined risk trade. Also, it is a directional trade that can be used to take advantage of both high and low IV. In this tastyBITES segment, Tom and Tony dive into what it takes to successfully trade a vertical spread and how IV will affect our choices when placing them.

Robert A. Green is passionate about the freedom, independence, and feeling of success a person enjoys in owning a small business. He and our entire team want to share that same feeling of achievement with small-business traders.


The “Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel talks about financial literacy.


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